Monday, July 27, 2009

The Aquarium (contd...)

Making of the Aquarium...

See that you choose the right size of the tank (or decide on that) based on the room size in whcih you wish to install the aquarium. It should be away from direct sun, at a good view point for your regular pet-watch. You should also have some space for keeping the items connected with the tank such as the hand nets, tubings for siphon cleaning, funnel, small beaker, aerator connectives etc. I am embedding some more youtube clips for your convenience.

Now a days the acrylic ready molded tanks are available in the market. Its worth while going for the ready-made to avoid the mess of making your own tank. But, take it from me, its thrill and its a matter of grate satisfaction of having made our own aquarium....I have experienced it myself, ofcourse did fail a couple of times...!!!

Setting the aquarium tank

Once fabricated or bought, test your aquarium tank for leakage if any. Once confirmed, wipe it dry after through cleaning. Ready a table or a rust-proof casted stand to support the aquarium tank with water (make sure the stand is strong enough for this and mild disturbances if any by kids or accidental jerks). Keep the tank away from direct sunlight, else the algae that grow fatser will make your task of cleaning and maintaining the tank a major job.

Fill the tank with clean (purge the chlorin away if you use municipal water by storing the water for a day with aeration to remove chlorine if any present). Make the preparations just in-time for

I have given a web site, you can enter and explore...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The PET - for Sight and Heart

(Fotos from Web )
Fish has been an animal of fascination and interest from the days of old-stone age. Hunting of fish by the early man might have started as a way of procuring food from the water. Keeping fish in small pots might be an offshoot of these activities. Captive fish have been important to mankind since prehistoric times. Ancient Egyptians were the first humans known to keep fish not only for food purposes but as a source of food and entertainment. As depicted in their hieroglyphics, Egyptians mostly worked with Tilapia species and Mormyrids. In Indian mythologies, MATSYKANYA is well explained, angelised and even the PURANAS say that FISH was one of the incarnations of the creator, VISHNU, thus signifying the fish through MATSYAVATAR. Aquatic life gets more from the PURANAS as Vishnu’s another AVATAR was in the form of an aquatic reptile, the tortoise. The incarnation is known as KOORMAVATARA. Kautilya or Chanakya was a well known economist of Chandragupta Maurya during the pre-Christian Indian history. He in his ARTHASHASTRA mentioned on the art of fish keeping.
So fish keeping is not a modern art, but an ancient one. Now this art has become a modern day item in Home Decos. Metro cities where Home Deco is a business seldom miss this important item in their Deco menus for custom made decorations in new dwellings.
Aquarium is a place/container in which the fish and other aquatic animals are held, maintained, fed and multiplied with the sole intention of decorating/landscaping of a residential area or a public place.
One can keep a small 2x3x1.5 ft glass aquarium tank or tank of any shape with a visible surface all around for serving the purposes of an exhibit. Tanks are made of glass panes joined into a box or acrylic moulded rectangular tanks or tanks of different custom-made sizes and shapes.